Virtue Education

西北中文学校品德教育  Virtues education at NWCS 


Practicing Virtues in the classroom takes only minutes but the acknowledgement of Virtues by a child’s teacher and parent may impact a child’s life forever. As our children are learning academic excellence, Virtues help empower each child and parent to live a more meaningful life. Virtues are part of our daily lives – Parents to raise children of compassion and integrity, teachers to create safe, caring and high performing learning communities, leaders to encourage excellence and ethics in the work place. In order to allow our children really understand Virtues, we think the best way is to learn Virtues in action. PTA would like to work with teachers in the classroom in this school year to practice the following Virtues: Respect; Responsibility; Compassion; Honesty; Gratefulness.

尊敬 - 尊敬会表现在如何有礼貌的与人对话,如何对属于他人的东西和隐私保持一定的距离,如何对他人的想法表示有礼貌的认可。尊敬不光是需要对他人表现,也要对自己。尊敬会使人在每天的日常生活中有价值感。

Respect - With respectfulness people’s privacy and personal belongs would not be violated. With respect people will not speak rudely to each other and treat others as if they don’t matter. With self-respect you would not let others use you or hurt you. Being respectful helps people feel valued, every day.

责任感,就是把自己该做的事做好,能受到他人的信任和依赖。我们若答应做一件事,无论是为了工作,为了家人还是为了朋友,事无巨细,我们都不能说了而不去做。若做错了,要敢于承认,不能想尽办法怪天怪地或责怪他人。若人们都没有责任感,答应的事情就没人去完成 , 如忘了家庭作业,承诺之言变得毫无价值,该做的工作也半途而退。没有责任心的人会变得让人越来越失望。为己为他都要学会有责任感。

Responsibility, the new theme of virtues education sponsored by the PTA. Being responsible means that others can depend on us. If we agree to do something for our job, for our family or for our friend, we don’t forget about it. When we make mistakes, we take responsibility for it. We don’t blame the weather or someone else. When people are not willing to be responsible, things they have agreed to do may never get done. Homework is forgotten, promises are not kept, jobs are left undone, and others become disappointed. Be responsible for yourself and others.


同情心 代表着关爱和包容。在别人受到挫折时能给予理解和爱护,在别人做错事时能给予原谅。很多时候,一句安抚之语能叫受到伤害的人感到无限的温暖和友善。当他人伤害了你,你能原谅他的错误,因为你明白其原因所在且对他人的爱心胜过自己的伤心。真正的朋友是在别人需要时伸出援助的双手。

Compassion is understanding and forgiving someone who is in trouble or has made a mistake. It is feeling sorry when someone is hurt and needs someone to understand. It is forgiving someone who hurt you because you understand why they hurt you and care more about that person than your own hurt. It is feeling the pain of someone who is in trouble even if you don’t know that person. It is caring deeply and wanting to help, even if all you can do is to listen and say kind words. Being compassionate tells a person that they are not alone. It makes you a friend when someone needs a friend.