主要活动  Major events


  • 西北中文学校春节联欢晚会 Chinese New Year show

春节是中华民族最重要的节日。西北中文学校春节联欢晚会是西北中文学校的一个悠久传统,是展示师生家长才艺和精神风貌以及学生们中国文化和中文学习成果的窗口。作为大西雅图地区高水平的春晚之一,西北中文学校春节联欢晚会深受师生家长和观众的期待和欢迎。每年的西北中文学校春节联欢晚会PTA策划主办。2014年的春节联欢晚会订于22日下午两点半在Northshore Performing Arts Center.  

Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in our Chinese culture. As a long celebrated tradition of Northwest Chinese School, the CNY performance event provides an opportunity to showcase the talents of our students, teachers and parents, and our children's Chinese language and culture learning at NWCS . As one of the best CNY shows in town, NWCS CNY event is well received by NWCS community and audience. 


  • 老师感恩节  Teachers Appreciation Day

为了感谢老师们对学校和学生的辛勤付出, PTA将每年五月为老师们举办小型的答谢会,并和老师们交流高质量办学的想法

To appreciate teachers‘ efforts for NWCS and students, PTA hosts a small party for teachers to express our gratitude, and exchange ideas with them on providing quality education to the children.


  • 中文才艺表演   Chinese Talent Show

为了鼓励学生们努力学习中文的积极性, PTA每年将举办一次中文才艺表演。学生可以个人, 小团队或班级等形式参加表演。表演形式分为相声,演讲,诗朗诵等等,目的是培养学生的学习兴趣和检验教学的成果。

To encourage Chinese studies, PTA will organize a Chinese Talent Show every year. The program will include cross talk, skit, poetry recital etc. This event will provide an opportunity for students to practice Chinese and enjoy learning Chinese.


  • 年度夏季野餐会  Annual Summer Picnic


Every year, PTA hosts a summer picnic for all NWCS families. The summer picnic will be held at a local community park, featuring a potluck, BBQ, Chinese food, kids sports, arts and crafts, games and other fun activities.