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学校主要采取周末授课形式,另外也有周中课后托管辅导项目。主校位于华盛顿州Newcastle的Risdon Middle School,分校分别设在西雅图的Washington Middle School和Bellevue市中心。经过二十多年的努力,疫情前在校学生已达到1900多人次,教职员工近百人。除了从幼儿到AP中文考试预备班不同年级的58个中文班之外,还开设了各种英文班、数学加强班、国画、美术、舞蹈表演、小提琴班,以及免费为本校家长提供的英文、舞蹈、瑜伽和太极班等。学校设有周一至周五的课后班和每年暑期开办的全日制夏令营,备受社区欢迎。


Northwest Chinese School

Founded in 1995, Northwest Chinese School is a Washington State-registered non-profit educational organization that specializes in Chinese language education.

Northwest Chinese School (NWCS) offers classes on Saturday at the main campus Risdon Middle School in Newcastle and Washington Middle School in Seattle. After-school classes are also offered Monday through Friday in downtown Bellevue. Before pandemic NWCS hosts 58 Mandarin Chinese language classes for ages ranging from preschool to hig school, where Chinese is taught using simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin. In addition, the school also offers classes in enrichment math, English, Chinese youth painting, art, performance dance and violin, as well as free classes in English, dance, and Taiji for the school’s teachers and parents. Every summer, NWCS also operates a afterschool program in DT Bellevue campus and full-time summer camp that are very popular with the local community.

NWCS has been supported by years of dedication and service from faculty, administrators, parents, and students. There are currently more than 1900 enrolled students and over 100 staff members. NWCS is accredited by Cognia.


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