NWCS PTA 15th weekly communications 1/11/2018


  • 2018西北中文学校春节联欢门票 2018 NWCS Chinese New Year Gala tickets
  • 欢迎报名为2018春节联欢会演出志愿服务 Volunteer opportunities for NWCS 2018 Chinese New Year performance
  • 本周值勤安排 (AM: 5E; PM: 4C)
  • 免费讲座

请家长们关照孩子在课堂休息期间不要在校区跑动,保持一个安静安全的学习环境。Parents please make sure that the children do not run around during class break.  Let us keep the school a quiet and safe study environment.
2018西北中文学校春节联欢门票 2018 NWCS Chinese New Year Gala tickets
票价:网站/PTA桌子 $10; 现场 $15
Admission: online/PTA desk $10; on site $15

西北中文学校2018春节联欢会将于2月11日下午2点在Renton IKEA Performing Arts Center举行。这是我们自己的孩子、家长、老师鼎力的巨制,不可错过。这次门票对号入座,先选先得,售完即止。大家可以从本周六(1月13日)起到二月10日每星期六上课时间到PTA桌以现金或支票购票并选定座位。所有门票付款以后不作退票。如果您不能在网上或到PTA桌子购票,可以在演出当天到剧场的售票窗根据剩余票数现场购票。The NWCS 2018 Chinese New Year performance will be held on Feb. 11 at the Renton Ikea Performing Arts Center starting at 2pm.  It is a great show by our students, parents, and teachers.  Seating will be by assignment on a first-come, first-served basis.  Starting Jan. 13 through Feb. 10, tickets can be purchased at the PTA desk on Saturdays along with seat selection.   Also paid tickets are non-refundable.  If you cannot purchase tickets online or at the PTA desk, you can purchase them at the theater on performance day, based on availability.

我们的网上售票已经开通, 大家可以在我们的售票网页购票(这样能先预定门票,但不能选座位),把收据打印出来在1月13到2月10日之间的星期六到PTA桌子选座位和取票。Our online ticket purchase site is open.  You can purchase your tickets online (but cannot select seating from there), print the receipt, and bring it to the PTA desk on  Saturdays between Jan. 13 and Feb. 10 to pick up the tickets and select the seats.

欢迎报名为2018春节联欢会演出志愿服务 Volunteer opportunities for NWCS 2018 Chinese New Year performance

我们欢迎义工们为春节演出服务。请在这里报名。 Volunteer as welcome for the 2018 Chinese New Year show.  Please sign up here



Classes on duty this week (Jan. 13): AM - 5E; PM - 4C

Coming up (Jan. 20): AM - 3B; PM - 6C

每班请安排4位安全巡逻家长。各位安全值勤家长请到校长办公处领取巡逻标识衣,所负责任包括在大楼外两面学生家长上下车处疏导交通、根据法规监督停车泊车、在大楼内(包括课间休息时间)监督学生的往来安全。请早上班的家长在8:40前到达,下午班家长在11:45前到达,并最少值勤到课间休息结束。Please arrange for 4 parents to serve.  Duties include directing traffic, at the entrances where students and parents get off their cars, outside of the school building, and ensure the safety of students inside the building, especially during class breaks.   Safety patrol parents must arrive before 8:40 for morning classes and before 11:45 for afternoon classes, and stay at least until the class break is over.

请参阅本学年值班时间表,了解自己班的值班安排,最少两星期前做好准备。 Please take a look at the overall duty schedule to know your class' scheduled date, and prepare to organize the parent duties about 2 weeks ahead of time. If you have any questions or your role has been transferred to other parents, please contact Li, Minggang at: ming.li@nwchinese.org




免责声明: 所有参与投资理财演讲的家长,应考虑投资本身的风险性,斟酌决定自己投资的可能性。西北中文学校提供演讲的场地,核实主讲人公司和其公众演讲许可证明,对家长个人投资错误或演讲内容误差一概不负任何责任。Parents who participate financial planning seminars should evaluate his or her own risk tolerance level and possibility before doing any investments.  NWCS provides classrooms for presenters, review and confirm each presenter's company and their approved public appearance. NWCS is not responsible for any individual investment loss or errors in presenter's materials.

教育基金规划大揭密~Financial aid, scholarship and 529 plan 在这个学费涨的年代,为孩子准备教育基金是父母亲刻不容缓的课题,本周我们要跟大家探讨如何为孩子准备大学的教育基金,以及如何申请助学金。我们在会中会探讨几个重点:如何为孩子准备教育基金?申请助学金(Financial aid)应注意哪些事项及技巧? 529 plan解析,还有哪种奖学金及助学金可以供家长选择?同时我们也会分享如何利用不同的金融工具达到节税及储备教育基金的目的. 我们将以深入浅出的方法为大家做详实的解析,您千万不能错过!会后有抽奖活动寓教于乐欢迎大家踊跃参加
主讲:Albert Chang
时间:本周六 (1/13/2018) 11:00am-12noon
地点:Room 1101