NWCS 9th Weekly Briefings, 2018-2019 Fall Semester


Dear NWCS Fellow Members;

Dear All Parents, Teachers and Students;


This Saturday, November 17th, 2018, will be our school's ninth week of the fall semester. All NWCS classes will follow regular schedules as defined in our school calendar. Please come to school on time. Next Saturday, 

November 24th, 2018 will not have the class due to thanks giving holiday, hope you all have an enjoyable holiday!

二、来自张涛校长的信(A message from the principal Zhang Tao):


Thank you very much for your great support and sustainable effort on every aspect of Northwest Chinese School, especially on the safety of going to school & leaving school for home; on keeping the classrooms in good order, tidy and clean; and on the tranquility of the campus.

1)安全接送离不开家长的对子女的关爱,也离不开PTA家长交通管理义工的有效疏导,11/03/2018家长Allan ZhangFactoria Blvd Entrance疏导交通,安全、便捷、有条不紊,让源源不断的车辆在最短的时间内停车、下车、驶去,令人印象深刻。特此感激表扬;

Coming and going safely depends mostly upon all parents’ love and efforts, at the same time, PTA patrol officers’ management and passion. For example, on 11/03/2018, Mr. Allan Zhang, who was on duty at the Factoria Blvd Entrance side. He managed the traffic so professionally that there looked no traffic at all. Stop, kids out of the car, go. Safe and smooth. Very impressive.


NWCS formally issued the Rules and Regulations on NHS Classroom Maintenance and Management. On the whole, it has been carried out well. The execution depends mainly upon the teamwork of teachers, parents and students. So far so good. Let us keep on. Thank you!


Recently, more and more students chase each other in the corridor, the stairs and the lobby. We should stop this. On the one hand it is dangerous in case they fall down and hurt themselves; one the other hand, it breaks the tranquility of the school environment. Please remind your children in a proper way to not run or chase in the above mentioned areas. Safety is our first and upmost priority.  


Thank you once more for your great support and trust.


Thank you all! 


NWCS Admin Team


616 120th Avenue NE, Suite C-204

Bellevue WA 98005