NWCS 4th Weekly Briefings, 2018-2019 Fall Semester


Dear NWCS Fellow Members;

Dear All Parents, Teachers and Students;


This Saturday, October 6th, 2018 will be our main campus' fourth week of the fall semester. And the first day of Seattle branch starts on this Saturday too. All NWCS classes of main campus will follow regular schedules as defined in our school calendar.  If you have not registered your child for Seattle branch classes, please arrive at least thirty minutes earlier on that day for the registration process.

二、为了方便西雅图市区的师生,本学期西北中文学校拟在西雅图分校新开一门中国功夫课,上课时间:每周六下午二点二十分至三点二十分授课老师是西雅图地区的武术名家,蔡李佛拳第六代传人麦显辉师傅。请感兴趣的家长尽快与西雅图分校负责人联系:电话 206-228-1013 (minqiu.huang@nwchinese.org)

Our Seattle branch plans to offer a new Kung Fu class between 2:20pm to 3:20pm every Saturday this semester. The instructor is the famous Kung Fu master, Mak Fai. If you are interested, please contact Seattle branch manager at 206-228-1013 or email minqiu.huang@nwchinese.org.


Please NOTE:  There will be NO more class switching this coming Saturday. Only 50% refund will be available if you want to withdraw from a class this week. And from next week on there will be no more refund.


NWCS Teacher training session for the new school year started according to plans last Saturday. Principle Zhang Tao and vice Principle Leng, Jing both gave an opening speech on the great importance of teacher training from different perspectives. And the teachers present at the meeting offered important feedback and suggestions to their speeches. With such great cooperation we believe a great teacher training plan will come out soon.

五、教室管理快报:1、如果NHS老师白板上有需要保留的内容,请不要随意擦掉,如果白板空间留得不够教学使用,请先拍照,然后报告给学校admin@nwchinese.org, 由学校和NHS进行交涉。2、本周六由于NHS有篮球活动需要使用二楼体育馆,我校的儿童武术,成人舞蹈,太极等课程将移至楼下体育馆,请大家互相通知转告为盼。

1、“Rules & Regulations for Classroom Maintenance and ManagementHighlights: Please don't wipe off notes on the white board left there by Newport High School teachers. If there is not enough space for you to write on, please take a picture and report to admin@nwchinese.org and our school admin will talk with NHS.2、Since NHS basketball teams need to use the upstairs gym this Saturday, our martial art class and adult dance and Taiji classes must move to the downstairs gym, the one we moved into last time. Please notify your students or classmates about this change.


Thank you all!



NWCS Admin Team


616 120th Avenue NE, Suite C-204

Bellevue WA 98005