NWCS 15th Weekly Briefings, 2017-2018 Fall Semester


Dear NWCS Fellow Members;

Dear All Parents, Teachers and Students;


Final exams for most classes are taking place on this Saturday01/13/2018. Parents, please help your children to prepare for the exams and make sure to send them into their classrooms on time.




西雅图分校网上注册地址: https://www2.nwchinese.org/registration/seattle/sis/logon/Logon.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fregistration%2fseattle%2fsis

New spring semester online registration link has been opened today. All students are encouraged to register online, and you are welcome to do registration at admin desk on Saturday between 9:00am to 2:00pm.

Main Campus Registration:https://www2.nwchinese.org/reg/logon/Logon.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2freg

Seattle Branch Registration:https://www2.nwchinese.org/registration/seattle/sis/logon/Logon.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fregistration%2fseattle%2fsis



1)如果您只是在网上注册了课程但还没有付费,请您务必记得打印出报名单,然后将支票和报告单钉在一起交到admin desk

2)这学期大部分的班级将不需要新的教科书,只有中文Pre-APre-BPre-C(《幼儿汉语》第二册)、KAKBKCKE(《幼儿汉语》第四册)和2A2E2D5A5D5E需要购买新的教材(《马立平中文》第二册、第四册)。如果您在网上注册,教材费将自动添加到您的费用里面。当你完成注册付费,请别忘记打印出付费凭据前来admin desk领取新书。

3)如果您在网上完成了注册程序(注册课程并付完学费),并且无需购买新的教材,您将无需前往admin desk办理任何手续,可以直接继续下学期的学习。

Here are some things we want to emphasize about on-line registration:

1. If you have only registered the classes but have not paid tuition online yet, please remember to print out your registered class list and drop it off with your paycheck at admin desk.

2. Most classes don't need new textbook for the new semester except Chinese Pre-A, Pre-B, Pre-C, KA, KB, KC, KE and 2A, 2E, 2D, and 5A,5D, 5E. For you to pick up your paid textbook, please remember to print out your payment receipt and bring it to the admin desk.

3. If you have registered classes and paid tuition online, and don't need new textbooks, then you are all set for the new semester!  


NWCS math program has planned two training session to help students get well prepared for AMC 10. 1st session on Jan 20,12:00-12:50, and 2nd session on 02/03 12:00-12:50. If you are interested to participate, please send an email with student name, grade level, and current class in NWCS to nwcsmath@live.com . We will notify you with location information later.



Our NWCS computer programming courses are semester-based. All three classes are open to accept new enrollments for the spring semester. In early February 2018, students from the current programming classes will be given an opportunity to move up to a new level. 

"Basic" class 11:00am-12:00pm) students are expected to move up to the "Intermediate" class (12:00pm-1:00pm); "Intermediate" class students are expected to move up to the "Advanced" class (11:00am -12:00pm). "Advanced" class is currently the highest level of programming class we are offering. 

You may find details of the class description for the three classes from this online document (near the end): http://www.nwchinese.org/newSite/Media/Default/files/math_class_description.pdf

六、“公共演讲课”自九月开课以来受到广大师生的欢迎,春季学期主校课程将继续上学期的内容,同学们将会学习更多的公共演讲和交流的技巧。为了满足更多学生的需求,我们春季学期将在DB Bellevue办公室开设新的公共演讲课,接受新学生报名(主校春季课程将不接受新生报名,参加学生必须已经完成秋季课程内容)。

课程简介:公众演讲课由具有17年职场经验的Emily Hu女士授课,她通过组织一个友好互动的课堂,帮助学生克服对于公众演讲的恐惧感,掌握一定的演讲技巧,快速提高孩子的演讲能力和自信心,力求把今后社交与职场需要的技能和心态融入到课程中去。

上课时间:每周五下午430-6:30 (02/09/2018开始)

上课地址:学校办公室616 120th Ave NE Suite C-204, Bellevue WA 98005

新开“公共演讲课”名额有限(只招收十名学生),有兴趣的家长本周六可来Admin Desk或周一-五下午330以后在学校办公室报名。

Our Public Speaking Course at main campus has been a great success and it will only accept previous students (no new enrollments at main campus) for the spring semester. To accommodate our students' need, we decide that Public Speaking Course will also be offered at our Downtown Bellevue branch starting in this February for those who are interested in joining. The course instructor, Emily Hu has 17 years of industry professional experience and she will help students overcome fear of public speaking; improve public speaking skills and gain confidence to become a good speaker and a thought leader. Class Time: Every Friday 430-6:30 (1st class will be on 02/09/2018). Since there will be only ten spots for this class, please register your child at Admin Desk or Monday-Friday afternoon after 3:30 pm in DT Bellevue office.


七、为了给广大学生和家长提供方便,我校Downtown Bellevue branch将于Bellevue学区下周一(一月十五日)“马丁.路德. 金日”放假期间为大家提供整天的child care服务。有需要的家长可打电话206-422-8476或发邮件bellevue.manager@nwchinese.org) 报名。

Since there will be no school on next Monday (Jan.15th) in Bellevue school district, our downtown Bellevue branch will provide child care service on that day. If you want to learn more about the details, please call 206-422-8476 or send email to bellevue.manager@nwchinese.org. 




Thank you all!



NWCS Admin Team


616 120th Avenue NE, Suite C-204

Bellevue WA 98005