NWCS 8th Weekly Briefings, 2018-2019 Fall Semester


Dear NWCS Fellow Members;

Dear All Parents, Teachers and Students;



This Saturday, November 3rd, 2018, will be our school's eighth week of our fall semester. Most classes at our main campus will have Mid-term exams on this Saturday. Please make sure to send your kids into their classrooms in time. 


二、下周六(十一月十日)NHS举办年度“SKI SWAP”活动,主校区停课休息西雅图分校不受此影响,正常上课。

Due to Newport high schools annual ski swap event there will be no school for our main campus next Saturday (November 10th, 2018). But our Seattle branch will not be affected and follow regular schedules.


三、2019春节联欢演出接受节目报名: 西北中文学校2019年春节演出将于224日在Bellevue市中心的Meydenbauer Center举行。这是我们学校首次在这样高水准的剧场举行活动,这对所有春节演出参与者都将是一次崭新的体验,也能把我们学校文化风貌的表达提升到一个新的高度。欢迎各位老师、家长、同学参加演出或做演出的义工。请大家在113日前报上准备的节目,128日前把节目的初始录像发来以备评选。我们将在1231日前把节目的选取结果通知大家。 希望这次大家有更多的时间为演出做准备,也能把演出质量提高到一个新的水平。请把节目名称, 班级, 联系人电邮和电话等相关信息发往pta@nwchinese.org (注:由于此次演出设备不包括钢琴,请恕不接受需要现场钢琴演出的节目报名。)

Invitation for proposals for the 2019 Chinese New Year GalaOur 2019 Chinese New Year Gala will be held on Feb. 24th (with the rehearsal on Feb. 23rd ) at the Meydenbauer Center in downtown Bellevue.  This is the first time we hold any event in such high-quality venue, and it will be a grand new experience for all participants. We invite our teachers, parents, and students to showcase in the performances, or work as volunteers.  Please send in your proposed performance by Nov. 3rd and send in a recording of the preliminary performance by Dec. 8th. Selections will be made and announced by Dec. 31th.  Please send information such as the title of performance, Class name, Contact person, phone number, and email address etc. topta@nwchinese.org. (Please note: Because the rental of the performance venue does not include a piano, we will not be able to accept performance that require on-site piano use.)


四、Bellevue学区将于119日和1112放假两天,为了给大家提供方便,我校Downtown Bellevue分校区课后班将继续提供day camp服务,欢迎有兴趣的家长打电话(或发邮件)咨询详情:206-422-8476afterschool@nwchinese.org)

Since there will be no school on Nov.9th and Nov.12thin Bellevue school district, our downtown Bellevue branch will provide child care service on those days. If you want to learn more about the details, please call 206-422-8476 or send email to afterschool@nwchinese.org


五、好消息!我校义工家长于20189月期间申请报送的微软Symetra等公司Volunteer Hours matching资金已经抵达。希望这段期间参加了申报的义工家长周六来Bellevue行政办公桌前登记办理资金划拨手续。

The Volunteer Hours matching funds applied in September of this year from Microsoft and Symetra Company etc. were received by our school. Parent volunteers who have applied for the funds, please register at the Bellevue admin desk and indicate how you would like to allocate the fund on Saturdays.



Thank you all!



NWCS Admin Team


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