NWCS 7th Weekly Briefings, 2017-2018 Spring Semester

Dear NWCS Fellow Members;
Dear All Parents, Teachers and Students;
This Saturday, March 24th, 2018, will be our school's 7th week of this semester. It is Midterm review and exam time again, please help your children to get ready for the Mid-term exams, so they can be better prepared for the second half of our semester's learning.
二、你想让你的孩子在这个春假有机会提高用中英文讲话的能力吗?儿童讲故事可以培养孩子开朗的性格,扩大知识面,展开他们的想象力。四月九日至十三日Bellevue学区放春假期间,西北中文学校Bellevue分校将为孩子们提供春假儿童故事营,时间从每天早上9:00至下午6:30名额有限,赶快给你的孩子报名吧: http://www.nwchinese.org/newSite/downtown-spring-break-camp!如果您有什么问题请致电206-422-8476或电邮bellevue.manager@nwchinese.org)
Bellevue school district's spring break is around the corner, our downtown Bellevue branch will provide a children story-telling camp for your child during that period (04/09-04/13).  Register now to ensure a spot for your child: http://www.nwchinese.org/newSite/downtown-spring-break-camp!  Please contact 206-422-8476 (or email bellevue.manager@nwchinese.org) if you have any questions. 
三、暑假又快到了,您已经为自己孩子做好暑假安排了吗? 2018年西北中文学校夏令营( 06/25/2018 08/31/2018, 周一至周五 8:00am6:30pm)前期准备工作已经就绪,开始报名! 我校的夏令营已经连续开办多年,一直得到家长们的广泛好评。我们有经验丰富的教师,宽敞明亮的教室,设施齐备的场所,接送便利的交通,多样的课程设置,活泼有趣的课堂。除每日的中文、数学、英文阅读、美术、书法,音乐和武术等课程,今年夏令营还将开办天才班考试预备班和乒乓球初级班。夏令营丰富多彩的课外活动更是深受孩子们喜爱,比如做手工,看卡通电影, 魔术表演, 爬山, 保龄球, 滑旱冰, 摘水果等。让您的孩子在这里度过一个轻松、愉快而有意义的夏天,在快乐中成长,是我们的心愿,更是我们的承诺(地址: Unity of Bellevue Church 16330 NE 4th street Bellevue, WA 98008)。欢迎4-12岁的小朋友报名入学,课程设置以及学费等详情请参见链接:http://www.nwchinese.org/newSite/summer-day-camps
It is time to plan for the summer again! Northwest Chinese School "Summer Day Camp" is now ready for early registration http://www.nwchinese.org/newSite/summer-day-camps. [Time: 8:00am 6:30pm Monday to Friday 06/25/2018 08/31/2018; Location: Unity of Bellevue Church 16330 NE 4th street Bellevue, WA 98008]. We offer unique summer camp experiences for youth ages 4-12. Besides daily Chinese, math and English classes, we also arrange different activities and field trip every week, such as watching movie, Water Park going, magic show, hiking, skating and fresh fruit-picking etc. Our experienced teachers, convenient location, spacious classrooms and various fun activities will help your kids have a fun and learning summer. For our daily class schedules, enrichment class's introduction, registration and other related information, please check the complete schedule and tuition information at http://www.nwchinese.org/newSite/summer-day-camps)
Our Summer Day Camp is now searching for some high school student volunteers to teach English, Science and Martial Arts classes. It is a great opportunity to practice your leadership and organization skills. If you are interested, please send your resume to admin@nwchinese.org before May 16th.
五、今年暑假期间我校将继续在Bellevue分校推出一系列数学和计算机精品课程,包括:计算机初级编程班,SAT数学班,初中几何辅导班,初中代数辅导班,奥数辅导班等。上课时间:06/23/2018 09/12/2018。课程介绍以及学费详情等请参见链接 http://www.nwchinese.org/newsite/summer-academic-courses 。小班教学,名额有限,请大家尽早报名。

本周我们将重点介绍其中的SAT数学暑期班本课程将采用最新的教学方法,首先给每位学生提供一次诊断测试,然后对结果进行专业细心的分析,在此基础上为学生提供有针对性的教学和数学模拟考试,并通过完成四个数学单元的学习,帮助学生在最短的时间内快速准备SAT数学考试。课程时间:十次课,(7/7, 7/10, 7/12, 7/14, 7/17, 7/19, 7/21, 7/24, 7/26, 7/28) )周二,四晚上(6:30pm – 8:30pm)周六上午9:30am – 11:30am
This summer our school will continue to offer a series of great summer programs at Downtown Bellevue branch, which include programs such as Basic Programming Summer Course, SAT math summer course, Math Olympic (AMC 8) Training Class and (AMC 10/12) Training Class etc. Date: 06/23/2018-09/12/2018. Please register these classes ASAP if you are interested in reserving a spot for your child. For details about these programs or registration form you can see attachments or open the link: http://www.nwchinese.org/newsite/summer-academic-courses )

This week we will introduce our summer SAT math course: it will work with every student to set up a flexible learning plan, according to analysis result from an initial evaluation test. The newly established learning modules and their respective session design will provide a best test preparation coverage, as well as in-depth test drill. We aim for student's significant improvement within a short period.
Number of Session:  10 From July 7th to July 28, 2018
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm every Tuesday and Thursday,
 9:30am 11:30am every Saturday
Thank you all!
NWCS Admin Team
616 120th Avenue NE, Suite C-204
Bellevue WA 98005