NWCS 5th Weekly Briefings, 2018-2019 Fall Semester

Dear NWCS Fellow Members;
Dear All Parents, Teachers and Students;
一、本周六(十月十三日)是西北中文学校主校本学年开学的第五周,也将是西雅图分校今年开学的第二周,上周没来得及报名的家长这周可前往分校报名。西雅图分校的上课时间为: 中文课中午1230-220副科课程下午2:30-3:20
This Saturday, October 13th, 2018 will be our main campus' fifth week and Seattle branch's second week of the fall semester. If you need to register your child for Seattle branch classes, please arrive at least twenty minutes earlier on that day. For our Seattle branch the Chinese classes are from 12:30pm to 2:20pm and other elective classes are from 2:30pm to 3:20pm.
Please NOTE:  There will be NO more class switching from this coming Saturday on. And there will be NO more refund if you want to withdraw from a class this week. If you have NOT paid the tuition by now, an additional $5.00/week late-fee will be charged to your account.
三、数学组家长免费讲座信息:我校数学组本周六将组织一场介绍有关本年度美国中小学数学竞赛活动的讲座,帮助家长们了解各种有益于孩子在竞技数学学习中成长锻炼的机会,更好地帮助孩子取得好成绩(时间1100 1150am)。 我们邀请各位有兴趣的家长来参加,有意报名者请在以下链接填写表格:https://goo.gl/forms/OURPue9HWgOp12l93,我们会在收到您报名后通知您讲座的地点。
This coming Saturday, we are going to host the first open information session (50 minutes) regarding math education for this school year. In this session, we will introduce various math competitions from local to nationwide in US. It will be a good opportunity for parents to know how the information will be beneficial to their children's growth. NWCS parents are very welcome to participate this open session Time: 11:00 - 11:50am. Please use the following link to register and we will notify you the location of the lecture after receiving your registration.
本周五(1012)Bellevue学区放假,我校Downtown Bellevue分校区课后班将开设重阳节主题Day Camp,欢迎有兴趣的家长打电话(发邮件)咨询详情:206-422-8476afterschool@nwchinese.org)
Since there will be no school on Oct.12th in Bellevue school district, our downtown Bellevue branch will provide child care service on that day. If you want to learn more about the details, please call 206-422-8476 or send email toafterschool@nwchinese.org
Thank you all!
NWCS Admin Team
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Bellevue WA 98005