NWCS 11th Weekly Briefings, 2017-2018 Fall Semester


Dear NWCS Fellow Members;

Dear All Parents, Teachers and Students;


一、我们希望大家都度过了一个愉快的感恩节假期!我们也再次感谢各位老师,家长和工作人员对西北中文学校的关爱和支持!本周六(122日)是我校本学年开学的第十一周,我们主校和分校所有班级都照课表正常上课 (参见校历:http://www.nwchinese.org/newsite/Media/Default/files/school_calendar.pdf),请大家按时到校!

We hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! And we want to thank all our teachers, parents, our working staff for their support, cooperation and great contributions to our Chinese school! This Saturday, December 2nd, 2017, will be our school's eleventh week of fall semester. All NWCS classes will follow regular schedules as defined in our new NWCS school calendar. Please make sure to send your kids into their classrooms on time.


二、转眼又进入了十二月,寒假也即将来临,为了更好地为广大学生和家长服务,我校Downtown Bellevue Branch将于寒假期间继续开办2017年冬令营(寒期班)时间: 12/18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 27, 28)。 我们经验丰富的老师们已经为孩子们安排了充满节日喜庆色彩的手工,音乐,中文故事等丰富多彩的活动。冬令营名额有限,欢迎大家尽早报名!如果您有什么问题请致电206-422-8476(或电邮:bellevue.manager@nwchinese.org),注册表格请参见链接http://www.nwchinese.org/newsite/downtown-winter-camp

Winter break is around the corner, our school's Downtown Bellevue branch will continue to organize 2017 winter camp on Dec. 18-22nd, 27-28th. Besides Chinese stories, math and English games and art classes, there will be a lot of festival and fun activities at the camp.  Please refer to the link for registration forms: http://www.nwchinese.org/newsite/downtown-winter-camp. Register now to ensure a spot for your child! Please make check payable to “Northwest Chinese School” and drop it at NHS admin desk every Saturday when NWCS is in session, or mail it with registration form to: 616 120th Ave NE, Suite C204, Bellevue WA 98005. Please contact 206-422-8476 (or email bellevue.manager@nwchinese.org) if you have any questions,


三、好消息!我校义工家长于20176月至9月期间申请报送的微软等公司Volunteer Hours matching资金已经抵达。希望这段期间参加了申报的义工家长周六来Bellevue行政办公桌前登记办理资金划拨手续。

The Volunteer Hours matching funds applied between June and September of this year from Microsoft Company were received by our school. Parent volunteers who have applied for the funds, please register at the Bellevue admin desk and indicate how you would like to allocate the fund on Saturdays.



Thank you all!



NWCS Admin Team


616 120th Avenue NE, Suite C-204

Bellevue WA 98005